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WHAT IS THE DEAL? Emilie Steele & The Deal are a grab bag of catchy hooks and lush tones delivered with buoyancy and charisma. Since this Kingston, Ontario trio formed in 2017, they have been dishing out a spectrum of songs, from unabashed indie rock tunes, to colourfully animated retro ditties, to yearning alt-country ballads. Steele’s firecracker candor, bright vocal melodies and clever turns of phrase sparkle alongside the weaving riffs and driving rhythms of her powerhouse bandmates baritone guitarist Jack Lockridge and drummer Jon Irwin. Their contagious fizzy energy at the Wolfe Island Winter Ball in March 2019 captivated a wide-eyed audience and put this emerging triad on the radar as a band to check out. They have shared the stage with Julie & The Wrong Guys, Fast Romantics, Donovan Woods, The Elwins, and Sarah Harmer. What are you waiting for? Their eponymous six-track EP is out now!